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JavaDoc Per Cent analyzer
metrics about Javadoc comments ratio of your sources

Name JavaDoc Per Cent analyzer
Plateform All Java 1.2 compatible.
Download JavaDoc Per Cent analyzer v1.0 (jar, 4 Ko)
Installation Copy the specified jar at the base of your project. Or indicate this on your CLASSPATH.
Run Type : java -jar jdpc.jar to execute this software.

Syntaxe : java -jar jdpc.jar [-[v|r|s|f]] [file]
v : verbose (expand explanation of stats)
r : recurse folders
s : save stats into jdpc.txt
f : compute the specified file only

Exemples :
java -jar jdpc.jar -r
java -jar jdpc.jar -vs
java -jar jdpc.jar -f thisClass.class
Summary This software analyze Java files and calculate ratio of JavaDoc comment lignes.
Some number are calculated (for each file and the addition for the project) :
- lines
- lines of real code
- lines of JavaDoc
- lines of simple comments //
- lines of multiline comments /* ... */
- percent of JavaDoc
- percent of total comments
Documentation Javadoc API JDPC 1.0
History 2004-08-15 : First version 1.0
TODO - Graphical User Interface
Bug Tracking Send email to cyberzoide at yahoo dot fr.
Author Hugo ETIEVANT (cyberzoide)

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